The 3 C’s of Content Curation

If you have more than one friend on Facebook, one Twitter follower or one blog reader, then you have a following. Congratulations! Now, what exactly are they following?! The magnitude of the pipe of information spewing into our brains is overwhelming. We could never sleep again just consuming the content that will be generated and published in the next 72 hours. Data overflow demands that we follow trusted guides to deflect the irrelevant content and lead us to the information that is relevant to our lives both personally and professionally. Gatekeepers In the past, we had a few channels of information and each channel had a few gatekeepers that sorted, prioritized and reported the information to the public. News editors identified “newsworthy” content and then it was reported to the readers / viewers. Today, information-consumers have an endless supply of channels. News, entertainment, gossip and professional development all drain into…

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