Has The Pizza Party Already Won?

On the heels of tonight’s Presidential debate, the biggest controversy may not be over Mitt or Barack’s economic policy–Pizza is seemingly center stage. Pizza Hut is running a social media campaign called “The Pizza Party,” which parallels the 2012 presidential campaign. With some clever videos on their YouTube channel, Pizza Hut may have stepped over the line when offering “free pizza for life” to anyone that will ask the candidates the question “sausage or pepperoni?” in tonight’s debate. After tons of public outcry, Pizza Hut changed their contest rules to randomly select one registrant from their microsite to receive the pizza for life prize. If you’re measuring PTAT (people talking about this), um, I’d say that Pizza Hut hit a home run. The campaign walks up to the line of “acceptable,” and people find that they are uncomfortable with it. It is interesting, however, that the political side of the…

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