7 Steps to “Cake Boss” Your Next Project

Have you ever watched Buddy Valastro and his team craft amazing cakes? There’s something magical, creative and truly amazing about the cakes from Carlo’s Bake Shop. More than the Jersey, feel-good experience that Buddy creates, there are a few secrets to team success. Listen. First of all, Buddy starts by listening to his clients. He listens to the details of their story; he listens to their ideas; but most importantly he listens to their desired outcome. So often, we are building while the client is still talking. Over-deliver. If his clients expect an 8 he is going to deliver a 10. If they are expecting a 10, Buddy is going to deliver an 11. Every time the audience of Cake Boss peers into the reveal, we see clients that are in awe because Buddy seeks to “wow” his customers. Stirring in the same direction. Buddy is careful to get the team on…

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