7:15 Roundup (Doug E. Fresh)

Izaak had a B M last night! He eating super high fiber cereals, fruits and more!

I removed my bandage today. Could take a pic of the scar. More porn.

I Went to clinic today. Blood levels are looking good. White blood count is a little high–they’ll keep watching.

WBIR will be broadcasting news report tomorrow at 6:00 pm (part one) and at 11:00 pm (part two).

Big challenge now for me is learning the med schedule. I have to take certains meds at the same time everyday and you can’t be off by even an hour. Every med is on a calendar and I am supposed to check off everytime I take.

Every time they take abs they may adjust meds. Today they made slight alertations in my meds.

Doug E. Fresh