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As I have watched obsessed over Katrina’s devastation this last week, through my media center computer, I have really thought about the hobbies that I have in my life. The winds and the water came into these people’s lives and wiped away all investments that they had. Months and years of acquiring “things” was wiped away in the matter of hours, in turn, the victims will get a piece of paper–at best. While watching the finely tuned news channels, I realize that countless days and hours went into creating my truly all-in-one media center. I watch all my movies, listen to all my MP3s, watch and record live TV, download dynamic content, and even read blogs on this media masterpiece, but it did not come cheap. I paid 2 hours of reading to my daughter, 1 hour of teaching her how to ride her bike, 30 minutes of watching her…

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