Personal Orientation: Path to “True North”

Who do you talk to more than anyone else in the world? Yourself. You question yourself. You talk to yourself. You answer yourself. During the in the course of the day, you talk to yourself next number of times. In the Icarus Deception, Seth Godin talks about the fact that we are our own worst managers. In fact, he says that if we had to work for the manager in our head, we would quit. In the Middle Ages, Jerusalem or “the East” was the center of the world. one would orient themselves by in reference to Jerusalem (the center of the world), or the Orient. From architecture to burial (see below) orient, v. To place or arrange (a thing or a person) so as to face the east; spec.  (a) to build (a church) with the longer axis running due east and west, and the chancel or chief altar at the eastern end;  (b) to bury (a…

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