You Can’t Break the Internet

Have you ever seen a kid with an iPad? It’s amazing.  Kids ages 3 to 13 kids jump in without hesitation. I remember over a decade ago when I worked with new computer users there was a “fear” about using computers. After thousands of user surveys and focus groups, there is no question that “fear” plays a big role in how people interact with technology. Here’s the thing: You Can’t Break The Internet Give it a whirl. Create that account. Test out the new technology. In all reality, you will create the account and never visit the site again, but maybe just maybe, you will encounter something so revolutionary and amazing that it captivates your attention. That’s the great technology easter egg hunt that we are all playing. Go find some eggs, you won’t break anything. I promise. Occasionally, we all need a reminder: come on in the water’s just fine.

Let it Snow

Something happens to me when the 5 day forecast suggests the possibility of snow, a little boy springs up with excitement and a little hope. As the promise of the white draws closer, the childlike anticipation manifests into something that is seldom experienced as an adult–snow day. Image used under creative commons license by skycaptaintwo Of course, I live in the south, so the soft white snow doesn’t stick around long enough to turn into the road-muck, black of northern towns. The winter storm rolls through and softens the sharp angular edges of our world into soft, white contours. Virgin white that makes even the brightest white creation of man lack luster in comparison. Then, in a few days, the memory of the snow is dotted with only a few melting snowmen. Painless. As the day draws closer, the “believers” gush with a little childlike hope of the 3, no…

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