I’ll Change Anything But My Behavior

Between The Power of Habit and Thinking, Fast and Slow, my approach to “communication” has changed dramatically. Communication is about being understood. Period. Communication is not about simply sending an email, making a quick phone call, or screaming a little louder than everyone else. Communication is about breaking into the behavior loop of your audience, earning their attention, and hopefully affecting some action—no matter how small or large. The problem? We are set in our ways—deeply set in our ways. The epiphany for me is that we fly on auto-pilot most of the time and do not take time to hear, internalize, and understand. When it comes to habits, we have a few strikes against us. First, when you really get down to it, learning requires effort, and truth be told, we’re lazy. Second, we hate feeling dumb. Our brains learn processes, practice them, and then automate them so that our minds can think about more…

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