I Say “___,” You Say “___.” MattressFIRM’s Brand Killing Campaign

True or False: Mattresses double in weight every 8 years because of dust mites, dead skin, and human waste? Answer: Yuck! Why am I answering this disgusting question? From now on, when I hear MattressFIRM, I think gross. Brands are triggers. Dating back to the first “branding,” when the mark of the brand was seared into the hide of cattle, the “brand” has represented the reputation and even quirks of the owner. The same holds true today. When you see or hear a known brand, you immediately associate the conscious and subconscious characteristics of that brand. So, what has MattressFIRM so firmly planted in my mind? An unresolvable disgust for the place where I sleep. I’m a little late to the ballgame (not seeing this commercial until recently), but I was appalled and disgusted at the current messaging. Have you seen it? Watch the commercial here. I’m sure that there was a…

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