Password Problems: Heartbleed and the Quest for Password Management

If Heartbleed sounds like a disease your dog may get, then you read up on this unique threat to online computing. see this list of effected sites. All of the fear associated with password concerns with Heartbleed sent me on a journey to find the best password manager. [If you want to go on your own quest check out these articles for a head start] Password maintenance is boring and tedious. As a result, most of us have some system that we use to keep up with the deluge of passwords, which ultimately lead to not only leaving the front door unlocked but also having a sign in the front door that says, “we’re not home now but come on in.” Here’s what I was looking for: Desktop support Mobile support Browser integration Personal Identification database (including credit cards) Multi-login support Most of the applications accomplish some of these tasks, but in a weekend…

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