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Oreo Schools Social Media Marketers: Pay Attention to Opportunity

While companies spent north of $4 million for 30 seconds of airtime during Super Bowl 47, one of the most unlikely brands seized the power outage opportunity in the third quarter. Milk’s Favorite Cookie became social media’s darling by penning this timely tweet:

Was it another brand’s stage to take? Probably. Any lightbulb, electronics, generator or even home improvement brand should have been there, but instead a cookie brand moved to the front of the…shelf.

As Sam Decker (CEO of MassRelevance) tweeted, in a matter of 20 minutes, @oreo picked up 40 times their usual tweet volume.

The quick witted brains behind this tactical advertising play appears to be the talent at 360i.

Why did it work? Namely, someone was paying attention and looking for opportunities. While everyone on twitter was looking for the best one-liner tying Beyonce to the power outage, someone was looking out for the interest of their clients.

In addition to the snowballing retweets, ABC, AdAge, and Mashable instantly ran stories. Time will tell what the total PR value of this tweet will be, but it is clear that seizing the opportunity is worth its 140 characters in gold.