Content Curation with MyCurator–WordPress Plugin

So, I’ve been a little consumed with content curation recently–I get it. For about six months, I’ve been searching for v.2 of this healthcare reform curation software that we built a few years ago, and I figure there must be a better way. As it turns out, I believe the architecture and design was pretty advanced for 2010, but we still need a refresh. After writing my first post on content curation, I received a pingback from, which led me to research Content Curation WordPress plugins. After a bit of research, I came across MyCurator–a software project of Mark Tilly. According to his site, “MyCurator works tirelessly in the background delivering a pipeline of content to you throughout the day, ready for your curation.” After poking around on the site for a while, I contacted Mark to discuss more about the software, and he agreed to answer a few…

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