Content Curation with RallyVerse Co-Founder Gabe Bevilacqua

  Content Curation has been a hot focus area for me recently both in my digital marketing class and in our digital marketing consulting. So, last week when I came across a new content curation software called Rallyverse thanks to Douglas Kerr’s post about “Feeding the Content Beast,” I was immediately interested to find out more. I was able to chat with one of Rallyverse’s three co-founders and VP of Business Development, Gabe Bevilacqua | @gabe_bevilacqua. Gabe, a former Microsoft exec, joined forces with Joe Doran and Guy Dassa a little over a year ago to take the simple idea that “content is your ad” and turn it into a business. Brands Use Content Curation To Tell Their Unique Stories The basic idea behind Rallyverse is pretty simple: rather than navigating the broad stream of information overload, Rallyverse narrows the stream to relevant content for its users and tees that…

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