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When I first saw this commercial, I thought it was for Siri, or perhaps Google Glass. I was mildly disappointed to see that it was for Charter.

We’re not far away from a world that integrates passive and active information streams. A few years ago, I called it the devicification of the web. I know: “nerd.”

We’ve seen the “soft” version of this idea with all of the smartphone “apps” created over the last 5 years. Very few “apps” are different than web applications, but now we walk around with hundreds of “apps” loaded up on our smartphones. Similarly, in 2005, desktop access to the internet towered over mobile, tablet, kindle, or any other access. Now, we have phones, thermostats, dvrs and refrigerators that are all connected and creating a cohesive yet disintegrated web experience.

Maybe this commercial looks like a horror film to you, but it probably looks more like 2014.