Sometimes you can find The Dip in the oddest places.

This weekend we took the daughter and her cousins to Chuck E. Cheese. The game floor is (as most parents know) split pretty evenly between entertaining video games and ticket gimmick games. After buying some overpriced pizza and the prized tokens, the daughter hit the floor. After realizing that convincing her that video games provided the best value (with all games 1 token rule), I turned my attention to the ticket traps. As I walked around the floor, it seemed that everywhere I turned kids were racking up. I would take a hand full of tokens and fair lousy results on one machine and then try another, but I wound up with 25 tickets. Then, I watched my nephew. He picked one machine and fed token after token in the machine, not distracted by any other machine on the floor. Roaring sirens and flashing lights did not distract him. He…

Sad day.

After spending five years,  studying for 6 semesters of law finals, overhearing 438 religious conversations and 213 lattes, ABC has closed.

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