Bring Me the News–When it Happens: Google Alerts

The days of searching through reams of newspaper print for stories that are applicable to our lives are in their twilight.  RSS feeds (aka blogs) and Google Alerts change the way that valuable information is delivered.  In this segment, I would like to specifically deal with Google Alerts and how they can change our information flow.  For several years, I have used Google Alerts to comb the Internet for specific topics, and basically I thought of the alerts as a little geek secret.  However, when I heard a popular talk show host discussing Google Alerts the other day, I realized the pervasiveness and utility of this tool and kicked myself for not sharing. Basically, you can think of Google Alerts like an “always on” Google Search.  Without being technical, as soon as Google becomes aware of a web page that is pertinent to your specific search criteria, you are sent…

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