Black Friday and Bed-head

While the world gently rested, a chaotic storm was brewing. The commercial captains were still tallying their less-than-Wall-Street’s predicted sales, and in that crimson balance the goal of profitability loomed large. Black Friday came and the soldiers camped out all night for a crack at the best deal. Armed with pulp advertisement, the troubadours of trade waged war against the marketing moguls capitalizing on every early bird and doorbuster special. Fat on turkey and Ms. Shuman’s dinner rolls, I sat back in a recliner with an eight pound lap full of advertisements and vowed to form my own merry militia. I twice made my list and checked it as many times. With googlemaps as my navigator, I too was going to save a buck or two. Shortly after 5:00 am my wife and I fought off sleep and the cold brisk wind to join the ranks of retail rangers. K-mart…

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