How to: Watch an iPhone Movie Handsfree in the Air (for Free)

Okay, I have to start this post by giving credit to an unnamed origami-ist that sat several rows in front of me on a flight from San Diego several weeks ago. Whoever you are, nice work. In the eternal quest of being lazy innovative, we Americans are always spending more energy to do less work seeking ways to improve our exerted effort. But, seriously, holding an iPhone for a feature length presentation is just ridiculous (pinkies cramping, carpal tunnel, you get the picture). This little hack is an easy way to create an iPhone holder on the airplane with products available in the seat in front of you. First, reach in the pocket of the seat in front of you and pick your favorite publication to deface (SkyMall, US Airways, etc., try not to use the emergency information card that might be equivalent to saying the b word on the…

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