I have been using Lingo for over a year now, and after much complaining I have finally succomb to the wife’s pressures–we are switching to a more mainstream phone service. Charter is now offering a total package (phone, Internet 3mb, digital cable) for $99/month. Besides the 28 day lead time, I am excited about testing out the new service. Lingo was a feature rich service. I could control through an online interface my voicemail, call forwarding options, simultaneous ring, voicemail to email. My two favorite features were voicemail to email and universal numbers. All of my voicemails would forward to my gmail account. This feature saved me an enormous amount of time b/c I could take screening to the next level. For example, if I saw my mom’s phone number, I could just delete without preview because I am sure that the message would go something like, “Hey, just wanted…

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