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My Company, Eluminare, is Merging with Bluegill Creative, Today

In 2008, I started a Marketing company, Eluminare, that initially focused on internet marketing and lead generation. The success of the company has exceeded my expectations and those of my clients. It has grown from Internet marketing into virtualized marketing executive consultancy, and most recently it has focused on “growth” consulting with clients. Now, only two years later, it is my great pleasure to announce the merger of Eluminare with Bluegill Creative.

So, what’s a Bluegill you may ask? On their website you’ll see:

…Bluegill is an integrated marketing communications group serving clients in a variety of fields including healthcare, business to business, finance, real estate, and non-profit. We represent clients throughout the country with local, regional and national marketing, advertising, and branding initiatives. A small fish that thinks big.

I, however, like to think of them as a great group of friends.

This merger was not conducted in a stuffy conference room with mind numbing lawyers. Instead, the relationship between our two companies has grown over shared projects, and over beers and brainstorming. The right people have written the success stories independently, and now together the right people are going to take Bluegill to new heights.

Together, Bluegill will expand its already vibrant digital portfolio to include ├é┬áinternet marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, analytics and reporting, mobile marketing, and custom application architecture. In addition, Eluminare’s lead generation techniques will add new assets in the areas of inbound and outbound telephone center setup, customer relationship management (“CRM”) software setup and administration.

Social media strategy and social media policy creation have become important consulting areas for Eluminare. This experience and legal expertise will prove valuable to many of Bluegill’s current customers.

Bluegill’s rich branding experience and expert design skills in both print and interactive, will richly enhance Eluminare’s current client base.

This marriage of the our two companies provides the perfect consultancy for businesses looking to expand their current market share by refining core values and purpose development and applying creative roadmap creation.

I look forward to the future, and I invite you to join me. Stay up to date by joining the Facebook group or following @bluegillcreativ.

Wish me luck!