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Social Media Marketing “Hub and Spoke”

I was at an Entrepreneurs of Knoxville meeting last week talking about the interplay between social media sites and main sites (however you define “main sites” blogs, main pages, or otherwise). It reminded me of this slide that I threw together for a client a few months ago:

Interaction of Social Media Sites for Marketing Strategies

Interaction of Social Media Sites for Marketing Strategies

It is certainly not a new idea to describe online assets in this way, but I think “hub and spoke” is fairly fitting for the current web environment. Clear execution throughout all channels is important, so engaging in social media requires strategy–although many apply a whimsical approach.

I encourage clients to:

There is no easy shortcut to crafting your online persona. It takes time and energy to create these networks, but the benefits are significant not only to generating more business but also the learning that occurs in the engagement of others. Hit me here if you would like to discuss more.