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Life’s Little Lessons: Listening

Conversations seldom are.

Conversations dans le verger : David Président !

For me at least, my mind is rarely present:

I’m perpetually distracted, and despite how much I convince myself that they won’t notice, they do. Conversations require listening, interest even. If rudeness alone doesn’t turn your head, efficiency should. Distraction leads to 20% lower performance and comprehension, which means both your conversation and the other task suffer.

Make the person sitting across from you feel like they are the only thing in the world that matters. Don’t be distracted, and you will earn trust, bring out the best in them, and probably accomplish something.

Try a few of these easy techniques to reduce distraction:

Most importantly, practice active listening. In fact, as you practice, ask the other person, “do you feel like I heard you?” This simple question can not only garner some interesting feedback, it also shows that you care.

Image used via creative commons license from David President.