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Help! Should Seth Hire Me?

Occasionally, we get the opportunity to be very bold, very audacious, and, well very dumb. Now, it seems that I have one of those opportunities. Let me explain.

Seth Godin has been one of my favorite thinkers and writers for years. His writings have influenced a number of decisions that I have made, and his teachings I have applied professionally since launching on my own earlier this year. He is truly one of the great thinkers in the business realm. Yesterday, he offered to mentor a few people in his office for six months, in lieu of an MBA.

If I had just graduated college, or even just earned my law degree, I would have been the first in line for this opportunity, but I am two years out of law school, starting a new company, and expecting our third child in February. Now, is not what I would consider the best time, hence “very dumb.”

I would be remiss if I did not at least entertain the thought of this opportunity, and this is where you enter the story. Please tell me whether you think it would be a good idea for Seth to hire me. I am going to use your feedback to craft my application.

To apply, I am creating this squidoo lens, and I will, over the course of the next few weeks, populate the lens with tidbits about me. If you have some story, anecdote, factual recount, or gross exaggeration that will help Seth (and I) decide if I am right for the job, then post a “blurb” under the “What Say You?” section. Or, if you prefer, leave a comment on my blog.