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How to: Sort Your RSS Feeds

When I started subscribing to RSS feeds I had an annoying system service/program, SharpReader. Generally, it was a decent program–with a pain in the ass installation. It certainly didn’t help me in first year Torts class because it was popping RSS alerts every 15 seconds. I only read a few feeds at the time, but Instapundit was one of them hence the problem with paying attention.

After a brief fling with newsgator, I decided to try out Bloglines and have been with it ever since. I have always used a topical organization of my feeds, but over time my subs grew and now with 91 feeds and more than 2000 unread articles on a regular basis, I need a different solution.

In response, I have decided to have 3 categories: (1) Daily, (2) Weekend, and (3) Leisure. In my daily subs, I am going to include subscriptions that are relevant to my daily life such as Future of Real Estate Marketing, News, Seth, Friends, Family, and for the difficult decision Engadget or Gizmodo.  Then for my weekend subs I will put my pleasure reads, and for my leisure subs, I will add the remainder of my subscriptions.

I am curious whether others have found better ways to organize their feeds.  Please comment.