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Indeed I am alive, after answering the 101st email about why I haven’t been posting, I thought that I would do better just posting.  So, yes, I am alive.  I apologize for the gaps in posting.

The bar exam zapped my energy, and the post-bar vacation was so relaxing that I am just now ramping my BP to dangerous conditions again.

Anyway, the news is in, the babe in utero is a BOY.  The family name can carry on, and I will not have to be-head the wife, which we are both happy about.  However, we will not foreclose any options until the name is settled upon.  Rowan Lewis is looking pretty strong, but we are holding tight.  Any comments on Rowan–besides the fact that he will not be able to pronounce his own name until he is 5 because he will always say “Wowan?”