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Talk away.

Cresting the hill of 129 South just past campus, I was in a race to get home and crack open my Tennessee Law Instute update cold beer and get down to some bar studying. Simultaneously, I spotted the cop parked out under the bridge and my speedometer boasting 70–I knew I was screwed. Like any respectible red handed criminal, I slammed on the brakes–admitting my guilt, conforming to the law, and possibly seeking mercy. I approached the policeman with caution observing every movement of the patrol car, but there were none. I peered into the drivers’ seat and the policeman was in another world gabbing away on his cell phone. Ahhh off the hook.

Only problem was that I had to drive 75 the rest of the way home to make up for that short slow down. It’s a good thing there weren’t any more traffic monitors!