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Ripening Apathy

I have been through difficult times in my life.  For example, the first year of law school was so challenging that I made a little butterfly my best bedfellow, but these last few weeks have proven to be much worse.  If there is such as disease as Senioritis then my senior is inflamed.  I can barely make it another day, and as a colleague articulated yesterday, “it’s not just school, I don’t want to get out of bed.”  Amen brother.

I have one foot in school and one foot at work (which is somewhat like being an octopus because i have me feet in all kinds of things there), and then I split the rest of my apathy to church and family. YIKES!

I just don’t care.  I remember my senior year of high school was very similar.  My motto was F* IT! I was palpably apathetic then, but what eighteen-year-old wasn’t.  In college my persistent procrastination left my last semester of college to clear up 6 incompletes.  In those three months, I wrote over 150 pages of papers, so I hardly had time to be apathetic.  However, in law school I was so freaked out that I did everything that I could to have an easy final semester.  I have one four hour course, which is very challenging (like I care), one three hour course called law and literature (which is more like Koom-ba-ya hour), and a two hour course that is actually enjoyable–10 hours of class work total.  I have successfully and proudly taken all of my available absences and have proudly adopted the lawyers equation C=JD.  I never thought this day would come, but GET ME OUT OF HERE!